Sasha Kane & Jessica Fallow

Wedding Storytellers


About Us

Everybody has a story. The ups and downs. The joys and wonder of a life lived with love, excitement and the discovery of finding that someone special to live our the rest of your life with. We started The Honey Wedding Film & Photography Company because we’re passionate about people and faithfully retelling those stories in a beautiful and engaging manner that will form treasured memories in the years to come.

Our style is primarily documentary-based with a touch of fine-art and a smidge of a fashion aesthetic. Our method is painstaking and meticulous and as such we limit our yearly weddings to 20 bookings. This allows us to give our wonderful couples the care and attention that their special day deserves.

Obviously, you’re here because you’ve connected in one form or another to our work and we’d love to hear from you in how we can tailor our services specifically to your particular story. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and set up a meeting either via Skype/Facetime or in person at our offices or studio.

Let us tell your story.


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